Earrings make a great accessory and some women never leave the house without wearing their favorite pair of earrings. With that being said, you'll surely hit a home run if you select a beautiful pair of earrings as a gift. If you've given her a pair of earrings in the past don't worry, she can always use another pair. Women sometimes have 5-10 different earring styles and prefer to have as many options as possible. When choosing earrings think about other necklaces that you've given her so that she'll have the ability to wear them with other jewelry.

Earring Backing

Bracelets are made with different types of clasps. Each clasp is used for different applications and has unique benefits. Before making a purchase learn more about the clasps below

Screw Backs

Earring screw backs work like a nut and bolt. The backing is an earring nut that is made to screw on to a threaded post. The post acts like a bolt and is welded to the jewelry. Once screwed on the post, the earring back holds the earring firmly in place and can't be removed without un-screwing it.

Friction Backs

Earring friction backs are made to slide on to a post that is attached to an earring. The rounded coils on the friction back snap in to a groove carved at the end of the post. When in the locked position the coils prevent the earring from coming out of the ear.

Omega Backs

Spring loaded latch is placed on earring using a hinged assembly. The latch opens and closes over the top of a post. Omega backings are generally used on heavier earring styles because the latch supports the earring.

Lever Backs

Spring loaded lever is attached to a wire that is looped through the ear. The lever is connected by a hinge. Lever backs allow for the earring to hang lower and makes them easier to be seen when being worn.

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