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23 February 2024

Top Unique Mens Wedding Bands & How to Choose The One

Weddings are one of the most imperative and sentimental events of our lives. Getting married is a symbol of turning your love into commitment. Show off your love for your partner by choosing the best and unique wedding bands for men in the market.

The rings that are trending in 2024 can be used for reference. You can keep reading to get an idea about the top rings. Choosing the best can be done by visiting the best jeweler, check out our men’s rings option now.

Vintage Style Men's Wedding Bands

Obsessed with the Victorian era? Explore the variety of mythological scriptures and the designs crafted in a men’s wedding band. Madly in love with your family heirloom and want to use that as the main element in your ring? You should ask for a vintage wedding ring for men.

Vintage rings are trending and popular designs among the generation. Turn the best designs from your childhood memories of your grandmother or any historical times into your wedding ring.

These rings can be made in a variety of metals and accents as per your request. You can also find vintage rings on our website at “Andrews Jewelers”.

Men Wedding Band

Classic And Timeless

Love for the classic can never go old. If you love simple and timeless bands then you are a classic ring lover. Classic rings still hold a place in the list of top men’s engagement ring styles for a reason.

These rings can complement any lifestyle and budget you might be choosing to go with. Find these elegant bands in the metal of your choice and get a sleek band as per your desire. The classic rings can also be engraved as per your choice. These unique male wedding bands are never out of the trend, choose them now!

Check out a few different types of settings we sell on our website, these are the unique and popular ones;

Mens Channel Set Diamond Band-119-02117

This brilliant diamond wedding ring is one of our best-selling diamond men's bands. The ring displays channel set diamonds that are machine-set with two rows of diamonds that travel around the finger in an eternity fashion. The center of the ring is treated with a satin finish and topped off with a single row of milgrain beading in the very middle of the ring.  Andrews Jewelers will make this ring in any precious metal type that you choose including 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, platinum, or palladium.

Wedding Band for Men

How To Choose A Wedding Band?

Choice Of Metal

Metals have always been a matter of choice when selecting unique wedding bands for him and her. Some men love white gold engagement rings while others might love yellow gold, you can find rings made of various metals like platinum rose gold, zirconium, titanium, tantalum, cobalt, Damascus, and two-tone rings apart from yellow gold, and white gold. You can ask for customization of your rings by the jeweler team.


Sometimes you might be in favor of using other accents in your rings instead of diamonds. In such situations, you can use the gemstones. Gemstones can add color to your wedding ring.

You can choose from a wide variety of gemstones and also the gemstones that can match your partner’s ring. The most popular choice of stone is blue sapphire as it blends well with all the white metals available for making rings. Choose cool wedding bands for men from a reputed jeweler online or offline.


Men’s unusual wedding bands have been in demand recently. Buying a wedding ring for men can be a time-consuming task that might keep you worked up for weeks, this blog has a brief idea about the top men’s wedding bands. Choose engagement rings or unique men's wedding bands by keeping this blog handy.

Check out the mentioned styles and choose a designer ring for every need of yours. Get customization options for metals and accents. Make it a chill stay-at-home date for you and your spouse, while selecting the ring together online.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about men’s wedding bands.