Order Custom Jewelry

Order Custom Jewelry

Sometimes ordinary ready-made jewelry isn't meaningful enough for your loved one or occasion. Andrews Jewelers custom design services will create a lasting impression.

Sometimes ordinary ready-made jewelry isn't meaningful enough for your loved one or occasion. Andrews Jewelers custom design services will create a lasting impression.

By combining the latest design technology with over 35 years experience crafting exquisite jewelry. The Andrews Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design Team in Buffalo, NY brings your inspiration to life. There are no limitations to the custom handcrafted jewelry we can create; whether the design is a unique piece for women or custom men's jewelry.

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What We Make

Custom Personalized Jewelry

We can make you custom personalized jewelry including mothers day jewelry with names & birthstones, nameplate necklaces, jewelry with pets names engraved, finger prints of loved ones and more. There is nothing our team of custom designers can't or won't do.

Custom Personalized Jewelry
Custom Engagement Rings
Custom Engagement Rings

Sometimes ordinary or mass-produced engagement rings aren't enough to show your love to that amazing person in your life. When you want something that is one-of-a-kind and will tell a story for a lifetime. We'll custom make and engagement ring from scratch for you. Plus, everything is done under one roof so you know the price will be fair and the craftsmanship exceptional.

Custom Necklaces

Andrews Jewelers is Buffalo's most experienced custom jeweler and with 100 years combined experience, our staff can create a custom necklace/pendant using your ideas. We can also use your gemstones and diamonds if they're sentimental. Additionally, we offer personalized laser engraving services to make your jewelry especially unique for your loved one.

Custom Necklaces
Custom Wedding Rings
Custom Wedding Rings

Sometimes the perfect wedding ring doesn't exist, until Andrews Jewelers creates it. If you have been to many jewelers and can't find a wedding ring that matches your engagement ring properly, then look no further. We'll 3D scan your engagement ring and design a perfect matching wedding ring for you. Our designers will can even print a 3d model for you to test for fit and accuracy.

Custom Remounts

Often, customers will bring us several items that are of deep meaning to them including wedding rings from parents and grandparents. Andrews Jewelers can design an amazing new wedding ring or engagement ring using your loved one's diamonds and gemstones. Thus, creating an item with tremendous meaning.
Custom Remounts
Custom Signet Rings
Signet Rings

Signets have gain tremendous popularity in recent years. You can adorn them with monograms, family crests, and intials. Andrews Jewelers can design a ring in 3D CAD to show you how it will look before its made. We can then laser engrave your monogram of choice or hand-carve unique patterns on the top. The possibilities are endless in the Andrews Jewelers workshop.

We can make any type of jewelry that you have in mind

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Design Process

3D Computer-Aided Design

Using sophisticated design software, we first create a precise 3D model of the custom designed jewelry piece. These models are used to create strikingly realistic renderings of the piece, allowing you to verify the design's accuracy with confidence. We also use this computer CAD file to print a 3D pattern used to provide a sample for you and to make a mold of. Our use of CAD software creates unlimited jewelry design possiblities including complicated and intricate details previously not possible. There is nothing the Andrews Jewelers design team can't curate for you.

Computer Rendering

Jewelry is not flat. It has dimensions and textures that vary based upon perspective. Evaluating a custom made jewelry design can be difficult unless these qualities are represented. For this reason, our graphic artists work from the 3D model to create a life-like sample image. You can review the design with confidence and gain a realistic impression of your finished piece. Any desired changes may be discussed and implemented to your complete satisfaction. No other technique has proven to be more effective in capturing your vision than the Andrews Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design Process.

Wax Prototype

Once the rendering of your custom designed jewelry has been approved, the 3D model is sent to the wax growing machines. The machines create the prototype to the highest resolution standards possible, resulting in a precise final piece. So precise, in fact, that Andrews Jewelers provides a Custom Design Warranty with a full money back guarantee if you're not 100% happy with the final product. A mold is then created from the prototype. The desired precious metal is injected into the mold to create a jewelry casting.

Final Product

The final step involves the art and skill of craftsmanship. A master-craftsman prepares the casting for parts and assembly. Precious gems and/or diamonds to be used in the piece of custom handcrafted jewelry are hand-selected and carefully mounted. The jeweler next brings the piece of custom made jewelry to a bright polish before no less than three Andrews Jewelers jewelers carefully inspect all work. We're so confident in the quality of our custom jewelry designs that we offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects, including diamond and gemstone loss.

Our Portfolio

Custom Mothers Ring Set with 2 Birthstones This completely customized mothers ring can be engraved with your children's names and birthstones.
Custom Mothers Ring with 3 Princess Cut Birthstones Check out this luxurious mothers ring made with princess cut birthstones. Learn how Andrews Jewelers can create a customized ring that tells the unique story about your family.
Custom Mothers Ring Set with 4 Birthstones Learn more about how this custom mothers ring was made, and how you can order one of your own.
Custom Oval Halo Engagement Ring Ovals are super hot right now, Andrews Jewelers just finished this custom made oval diamond engagement ring. Read more to learn more about how this project came together.
Sapphire Engagement Ring We used our customer's sapphire and designed an amazing platinum diamond engagement setting for it. Read more about how this project came together.....
Custom Diamond Crown Ring Our customer brought us a picture of a ring that was costume jewelry, she wanted us to replicate it in genuine white gold and diamond. Read more to see how this project came along....
Custom Made Star of David Ring Inspired by family, love, and hope...this ring was made for our customer to symbolize the importance of family and faith. Check out this project to get inspiration for your jewelry project.
Custom Men's Cross Wedding Ring Why purchase an ordinary wedding ring when you can personalize your band to your exact style and taste. Read more about how we made this cross wedding ring.
Vintage Snowflake Diamond Ring This is a replicate of an original vintage snowflake ring, read more about how created this ring.
Custom Engagement Ring Re-Mount New engagement ring remount setting using several pieces of jewelry owned by customer. Read more to learn how this project came together and to get ideas of your own.
Custom Mothers Ring - 3 Birthstones Vintage style mother's ring made in 18k white gold and set with emerald, sapphire, and diamonds.
Custom-Made Men's Masonic Ring One-of-kind men's Masonic ring custom made as per customer's request in platinum and diamonds. Read more about how we created this ring and to get ideas of your own.

How To Order a Custom Ring

Make Your List of Design Specifics

Include precious metal type, center gemstone type, center gemstone size, length and width of the jewelry item, finger size, neck size, diamond setting type or method, height.

Continue Conversation With Us

Once you submit your request, a jewelry designer will reach you by email or by phone. After ample conversation and feedback you'll receive an official quote for your jewelry design.

Examine Concept & Approve Design

Our computerized renderings look very realistic and they're very useful because you'll get a good idea of how the jewelry will look before it's made. You'll be asked to submit changes or approve the design.

Why Computer-Aided Design

Before learning about the benefits of 3D-CAD you'll need to know more about the custom jewelry design process. Most jewelry is made using a method called lost wax casting. A skilled artisan/jeweler hand carves a jewelry prototype out of jewelers wax using small scalpels and knives.


This wax prototype also known as a "model" is placed in a flask and plaster called "investment" is poured all around the model. Once the investment hardens an exact impression of the model is formed inside of the flask. The wax model is burned out of the flask leaving a cavity of the jewelry design.

Next the molten metal is injected in the flask mold using vacuum or centrifugal casting. When the metal cools and hardens the investment is broken away revealing the un-finished jewelry casting. This casting is filed, polished and prepped for assembly, which may include setting the gemstones or welding other precious metal parts to the casting.

The process of hand carving the wax prototype has always been the accepted process for creating custom jewelry. The problem with this process is that the human hand can't be as precise as a computer-aided machine when carving the model. Precision equates to more design possibilities and much higher quality jewelry production. In the end you'll have a product that looks crisper and won't be prone to stone loss or breakage.

Computer Aided Design is a sophisticated modeling process using advanced software to plot coordinates for mechanical drawings. These drawings can be exported to various types of prototyping machines called CNC mills or growing machines. CNC mills cut-away material from a block of wax to make the jewelry model. The growing machines layer material from side to side much like a printer to build the model. The precision of these models exceeds what any human could do while hand carving the jewelry model. Design possibilities become limitless because the 3D-CAD software enables the designer to create parts and design elements that aren't possible using outmoded tools and methods.

Another benefit of 3D-CAD jewelry design is the ability to see a computer rendering before the final completion of the jewelry. In old methods the jeweler would create crude counter sketches of your concept and the rest would be left to your imagination. Now the designs that the jeweler creates in 3D-CAD can be rendered to photo-realistic images for you to view before making your final decisions.