Tungsten rings have become very popular in recent years and the metal used to make these rings is called tungsten carbide. Tungsten is the hardest metal on the planet. Using the Mohs scale, tungsten rates a 9 out of the highest possible hardness rating of 10. A diamond rates a 10 and anything below 9 on the Mohs scale can't scratch a tungsten ring. Most tungsten rings are virtually scratch proof and provide a lifetime of wear without any maintenance.

Tungsten has a smoky gray/black color similar to gunmetal; most men find this color masculine and very appealing. Tungsten has reflective properties that can't be matched by any other metal and when worn it gives off a diamond like brilliance. The metal is very heavy and dense in weight giving it a rich feel. Tungsten should not be confused with precious metals like platinum or palladium, these metals are precious metals. Tungsten is an industrial metal and tungsten jewelry's value is not established by the metals worth. Tungsten jewelry's cost is created by its high manufacturing costs, because tungsten is so hard you must have sophisticated equipment to make it. This equipment can sometimes cost hundreds of thousands of dollar to purchase.


Tungsten rings can't be sized because of its hardness, so when selecting a tungsten ring be sure to get a very accurate measurement of your finger. Tungsten rings cannot be cut of the finger however, they can be broken of with vise grips. Although this sounds dangerous, it really isn't when performed by someone familiar with the metal. Tungsten is very hard and therefore also very brittle, this brittleness allows the metal to be broken in place of being cut off.


  • Tungsten is almost scratch proof

  • The only thing that can scratch tungsten is something as hard as a diamond

  • Tungsten does not have precious metal content

  • Tungsten can't be sized

  • Tungsten can't be cut off but can be broken off