Purchasing a diamond certified by an accredited grading laboratory is your assurance that an un-biased third party has graded your diamond. These grading laboratories don't engage in diamond selling nor do they care what happens to the diamond after it has been graded. They simply call it as they see it and this is a mark of true diamond value because it has been priced based on accurate diamond grading.


EGL Diamond Certificate

Gemologists at the EGL USA GROUP certify diamonds in their grading laboratories. EGL USA has been a trusted source for gemological services since 1977.

AGSL Diamond Quality

A Diamond quality document, issued by the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), is one of the most respected grading reports and usually used for high-quality investment grade stones.

GIA Diamond Grading Report

This is a very respected and experienced diamond-grading laboratory. Most of the modern grading systems for gemological purposes have been created by GIA.

GIA Diamond Dossier

These reports are created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The Diamond Dossier report is used when the diamond weighs less than 1.00ct.

Grading Laboratories

In order to grade diamonds while employed at a diamond grading laboratory you must have studied at GIA the Gemological Institute of America and be a Graduate Gemologist or otherwise known as a G.G. Almost all Diamonds available at Andrews Jewelers have been graded and certified by either the GIA, AGSL the American Gem Society Laboratories, or EGL the European Gemological Laboratories. These grading laboratories are considered to be the world's foremost authorities on diamond grading and gemological services.

Andrews Jewelers will partner with only the most creditable grading laboratories, ones that carry and honor the highest ethics and integrity in the jewelry industry.

In addition to your certification all Andrews Jewelers diamonds come with a Andrews Jewelers Appraisal that gives you a complete description of the jewelry you have purchased as well as a replacement value for insurance purposes.
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Jewelry Designer at Andrews Jewelers

How Certification Works

A diamond certificate will include important diamond characteristics such as color, clarity, carat weight, proportions, and cut. The diamond is evaluated using gemological equipment including tools like a jeweler's loupe, microscope, colorimeter, and millimeter gauge to name a few. Diamonds submitted for certification are normally examined by a minimum of four highly trained and experienced diamond graders and gemologists. As the diamond moves through the grading process senior graders examine the diamond grades for accuracy.

Once the diamond analysis has been completed the grading report is sent to a computer file and serial number for identification purposes is permanently saved for future reference. a tamper proof certificate is printed and signed by the staff gemologists. In many cases the serial# of the grading report is laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond and can only be seen under 30x's magnification. This prevents certification forgery from occurring and it also provides permanent identification so in the event that your diamond engagement ring is lost or stolen you can prove that the diamond belongs to you.

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