Jewelry Repair Services

Andrews Jewelers is your hometown jewelry repair, restoration, and custom design jeweler. We’ve been providing top-notch jewelry services in Buffalo for over 26 years.

Our staff includes GIA trained sales professionals and in-house jewelers with decades of experience. No job is too small or too difficult for us and we encourage you to bring your heirloom pieces to Andrews Jewelers for evaluation, call us today at 716-630-7091

Jeweler Working

We Provide

  • Same-Day Ring Sizing & Repair
  • Watch Batteries Replacement
  • Watch Band Replacement
  • Ring Sizing
  • Head Replacement
  • Chain Repair
  • Custom Design
  • Diamond Remounts
  • Prong tightening
  • Prong Re-tipping
  • Jewelry Restoration
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Appraisals
  • Jewelry Buy Back Service

How We Do It

Our service technicians will thoroughly inspect your jewelry while documenting characteristics for identification purposes. We’ll take a photograph of your item(s) and save it in our computer for permanent proof of what you’ve left us to give you peace of mind. Your piece is placed in a secure envelope with a uniquely numbered, computer generated repair ticket, and then stored safely in our vaults. Your item will not leave our workshop and all work is performed at our secure location.

Next, our jeweler will give your jewelry a cleaning and inspection to provide a final evaluation of the work to be performed. If anything was missed by the service technician, our jewelers will bring this to your attention. All work is done under 30x’s magnification to ensure the most precise result. Additionally, we may use laser welders for any soldering or jewelry fabrication.

Laser Welding
Our jeweler laser-welding jewelry
Jeweler Working

Same-Day Ring Sizing & Jewelry Repair

If you’re in need of a super-fast ring sizing or jewelry repair, then look no further. Our on-site jewelers can size your ring the day you bring it in. You won’t experience long waits and you can be comfortable knowing that nothing is “sent out”. Your jewelry never leaves our workshop and we’ll make you a top-priority while getting your ring re-sizing or jewelry repair completed quickly.

With over 75 years of combined experience, all work is performed to the highest quality standards. No appointment is needed, bring your item in before 1pm Monday thru Friday and we’ll complete the work by the end of business that day.

On-Site Jewelry Workshop

Most jewelry stores in Buffalo do not have an in-house workshop and must send your work to contract jewelry repair shops. You may never know who is truly working on your items, this is NOT the case at Andrews Jewelers.

Our jewelry repair shop is located on-site at our Williamsville location and is equipped with all the finest tools and equipment. We’ve placed our workshop in the center of the showroom, so you can see the work being performed.

Diamond Earrings

Ring Re-Sizing

If your ring is too large or too small, don’t worry we can size all jewelry you bring us. Our jewelers will measure your finger to determine the proper fit, we’ll then upsize or down size the ring using the appropriate precious metal. We work with platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. As part of the service we provide, we’ll carefully check all your gemstones and diamonds to ensure that nothing is loose. If we find something in need of tightening, we’ll do so at no extra cost. Your ring is meticulously refinished and brought back to like-new condition, finally Andrews Jewelers will professionally clean your gemstones and diamonds to make them shine again.

If you need same-day-sizing, that's fine with us....we can do that. Please bring your ring to our store before 2pm Monday through Friday, we'll then quickly determine if it can be sized that same-day and what the charge will be. Note - we can't quote prices for ring sizing without seeing the ring in-person, there are many factors that affect the final price.

This video shows how a ring is sized

Re-Finishing & Rhodium Plating

White gold has been popular for many years now, unfortunately it begins to yellow after 6-12 months of active wear. Andrews Jewelers will re-finish, remove all scratches, check & tighten diamonds, and then re-plate your ring to bring it back to it's original pure white luster. Watch the video below and you’ll see our jeweler polishing a ring to be rhodium plated.

This video shows how a ring is polished

Remounts & Restoration of Old Jewelry

Do you have jewelry like the items in the photos? Andrews Jewelers has become experts at turning old items in to modern designs. We can take your diamonds and gemstones and re-set them in a completely new or one-of-a-kind design. Maybe you want your heirloom items left as they are, but you'd like them restored? We've become experts at that too. Our jewelers can replace prongs, rebuild missing parts of jewelry, replicate original detail and more. Call 716-630-7091 for more information or learn more about custom jewelry design.

Prong Repair & Head Replacement

Worn and damaged prongs are the main cause of diamond loss from rings. Neglect and long-term daily wear is often the reason why prongs break or snap off. Once this happens, your diamond is a sitting duck just waiting to fall out of it's setting. Prevention is the best thing you can do for your diamond, Andrews Jewelers can help with this. Notice the broken and missing prongs on the ends of this diamond, the latter pictures show how we restored the item.

Jewelers Eye

Watch Battery Replacement

Whether you have a $50 watch or a $5000 watch, Andrews Jewelers can replace your watch battery. We will supply you with a fine grade Swiss watch battery, carefully check your seal, and install the battery. Bring us your watch today and we'll check to see if it needs replacing, we keep a large inventory of just about any battery type.

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