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Why Lab Grown Diamonds?


Tons of earth must be stripped away to find a single 1.00ct diamond. This process isn’t needed in the production of lab-grown diamonds, they do not cause the loss of precious wildlife or water supplies.

Huge Savings

There are few middlemen in the lab-grown supply chain, so Lab-grown diamonds can sell at half the price of mined diamonds. This means you can nearly double the size of your diamond purchase, or save 50%.

Ethical Origins

The movie “Blood Diamonds” exposed atrocities committed against workers in the mined-diamond industry. You can be assured that nobody was intentionally injured when your lab-grown diamond was made.

Loose Lab Grown Diamonds

What is a Lab Grown Diamond

Make no mistake about it, a lab grown diamond is not fake, it's not synthetic, and its not CZ. Customers ask us all the time, "Is a lab grown diamond real?"

The resounding answer is yes they are!

The only thing separating a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond is how they're created. Mined diamonds are created naturally in the earth's crust after pure carbon is crystallized under intense heat and pressure.

Our lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory after pure carbon is crystallized using high-energy lasers. They are as brilliant and as hard as mined diamonds, because they are a diamond.

In fact, an Andrews Jewelers lab-grown diamond cannot be told from a mined diamond by a gemologist, unless they use sophisticated equipment to scan the makeup and arrangement of its atoms.

Lab-grown diamonds are optically, physically, and chemically the same as mined diamonds. They are graded using the same GIA grading system used to assess color, clarity, and cut grades.

How Are Lab Diamonds Made?

Natural diamonds are created in the Earth’s crust after diamond crystals are subjected to extreme amounts of pressure for millions of years. The diamonds are trapped inside of igneous ore called Kimberlite, then Volcanic eruptions force the diamonds up through narrow shafts.

The kimberlite is mined, and the diamonds are extracted through a mechanical process to reveal the rough material known as octahedron. The rough material is then cut, sawn and carefully polished to produce gem-quality diamonds.

CVD otherwise known as Chemical Vapor Deposition is the newest form of diamond growing. Here the diamond growth takes place inside a vacuum chamber filled with gases rich in carbon, usually methane. The methane cloud is riddled with carbon and then shot with a high-powered microwave beam.

Once a chemical reaction occurs, the diamond seed crystals begin to form on the plate. After several weeks, the rough diamond material is formed. Finally, the rough lab-grown diamond is cut and polished in the same manner as a mined diamond. Learn more about lab-grown vs mined diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Some of Our Lab Grown Diamonds

Weight Grade LAB Price Shape
.50ct H-SI1 GIA $1,099 Round
.70ct H-SI2 GIA $1,899 Round
.71ct H-SI2 GIA $1,899 Round
.72ct H-SI2 GIA $1,899 Round
.77ct F-SI1 GIA $1,999 Round
1.00ct H-SI1 IGI $2,599 Round
1.06 H-SI2 IGI $2,999 Round
1.21ct H-SI1 IGI $2,999 Round
1.23ct G-VS2 IGI $4,499 Round
1.51ct I-SI1 IGI $4,199 Round
1.52ct F-VS2 IGI $6,599 Round
2.00ct H-SI1 IGI $9,799 Round
2.05ct F-VS1 IGI $13,699 Round
3.06ct H-SI1 IGI $16,199 Round

Many more diamonds are available in-store, we'll match competitor pricing diamond for diamond.

Lab Diamonds at Andrews

Andrews Jewelers has been in business for over 25 years, and from the beginning our passion has always been diamonds, engagement rings, and custom designed wedding rings. We’ve become one of Buffalo’s largest diamond centers, now we’re excited to enter the new and exciting frontier of lab-grown diamonds.

Please come to our showroom on Transit Rd. in Williamsville and our GIA trained experts will show you all the benefits of owning a lab-grown diamond. Our selection includes gorgeous loose diamonds from .75cts up to 4.00cts.

For More Information Call 716-630-7091 or Visit Our Showroom Today!

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