Precious Metals Handbook

Recent advances in jewelry manufacturing have created many options for metal choices when purchasing jewelry. While the plethora of choices have made jewelry buying exciting, it can be very confusing when trying to decide which metal is most appropriate for your needs. Today there are 6 different choices for white metal alone and each metal offers something different and outstanding. Use the information in the Precious Metals Education Handbook to learn more about what choice is best for you.

Example Gold ring
Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has a rich and timeless look to it, you can purchase yellow gold in 14k or 18k.

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Example White Gold ring
White Gold

White gold has the look and feel of platinum but is half the cost. White gold does have certain maintenance requirements.

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Example Platinum ring

Platinum has always been the top choice when making high quality jewelry or when setting valuable diamonds and gemstones.

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Example Palladium ring

Palladium is very similar in nature to platinum with half the cost and none of the maintenance issues of white gold.

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Example Titanium ring

Titanium is a lightweight and durable metal that offers a very contemporary flair. It has become especially popular for men's jewelry.

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Example Tungsten ring

Tungsten is one of the world's hardest metals, it is virtually scratch proof and has a high reflective property.

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Example Sterling Silver ring
Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the most often purchased precious metal because it's highly reflective and very affordable.

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