Engagement Ring Handbook

Getting engaged is an absolutely magical event and you'll want to make sure that the ring you choose is as equally magical. For hundreds of years the engagement ring has been a powerful symbol of romance, devotion, and commitment.

The ring you choose to get engaged with will be a constant reminder of that moment when you professed your eternal love for one another. Lots of pressure eh? It doesn't have to be, and after you read through our Engagement Ring Handbook you'll have all the information you need to select a ring that she'll adore while finding the perfect combination of size, quality, and price.

Diamond Ring

Determine A Budget

There are few objects you can purchase that will last a lifetime however; a diamond engagement ring can last forever. The hard earned money that you spend on an engagement ring is one of the greatest investments you'll ever make. It can bring many years of happiness while lasting a lifetime and gaining much value along the way. This should be taken in consideration when determining a comfortable budget; after all you'll never need to purchase more than one. A good starting point to use is the 2 months salary guideline although, you may want to tweak that number after determining the exact color, size, and quality that impresses you.

Diamond Ring

Step 1

Select A Ring She'll Adore

Some couples openly discuss the possibility of marriage and engagement rings and this makes it easy on the guy. Not every situation is the same and many guys want to keep their proposal ideas a secret. When you don't have the opportunity to discuss her likes and dislikes, finding the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task. Our 40 years experience has put us in every possible engagement situation and we'll share our knowledge with you for finding that perfect ring.

To get the most accurate fit you should have a qualified jeweler size your partner's finger. Check out our Finger Size Guide.
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Round Diamond

Step 2

Select A Great Diamond

At Andrews Jewelers, it's important that we empower every customer with the education and knowledge of diamonds and how to choose the stone that'll be right for them. Please take the time to read through our 4C's diamond information to learn more about diamonds and what'll be right for you. At anytime during the process don't hesitate to call 716-630-7091 to speak to one of our AJP diamond experts. We have over 40 years experience buying and selling diamonds and we'll be happy to give you as much time as you need.

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Step 3

Select A Good Jeweler

Before deciding on a diamond there are some things you should know about the jeweler or the Online Store that you are buying from. Read on and we'll share with you what you should expect as a consumer.

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