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1 - Meet with Designers

You’ll begin the custom jewelry process by meeting with the Andrews Jewelers designers. Our designers have over 40 years experience and will help you articulate what it is that you want for your ring. We’ll flush out what’s in your heart & mind, we’ll take those ideas and make suggestions, we’ll build on them - make them better. You’ll begin to see the idea for your ring materialize, it becomes organic and grows with the energy that you and our designers give it - together! We know you’ll enjoy our process so call Andrews Jewelers and make an appointment to see your ring come to life.

2 - Put Pen to Paper

Here we begin to sketch out more definitive concepts for your ring including setting styles, metal types, and finishing techniques. We aim to narrow down specifics like shank profiles, thicknesses, stone heights, and overall dimensions. Once we feel like all the details have been satisfied we’ll work on providing mock-ups and a quote to produce the ring for you. This is a criticial time in the design process because it creates a wire frame of the final product, which will be used to provide direction for the project. It also helps us determine how much metal and gemstomes will be used so we can properly estimate your custom jewelry pricing.

3 - Computer Design

By now you’ve made a decision to move forward with the design and place an order. It’s time for our artisans to go to work. We use sophisticated jewelry design software to create computer models. These models are used by our jewelers to build 3D prototypes. The prototypes are milled or grown using CNC machines & 3D printers. This ensures the highest tolerances for accuracy and precision during the jewelry making process. For you it means that the ring will be higher quality and more refined looking, preventing premature stone loss and increasing the life of your ring.

4 - Assemble Ring

The final step involves the art and skill of craftsmanship. A master-craftsman prepares the casting for parts and assembly. Precious gems and/or diamonds to be used in your custom handcrafted jewelry are hand-selected and carefully mounted. The jeweler next brings tthe ring to a bright polish before no less than three staff members carefully inspect all work. We're so confident in the quality of our custom jewelry designs that we offer a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects; including diamond and gemstone loss. View our custom jewelry portfolio.

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