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Pearls of Wisdom- Great tips and tricks to keeping your jewelry safe and looking great!

Posted: 08/28/18 04:23pm

Pearls of Wisdom


Here are great tips and tricks from Jewelers Mutual to keep your jewelry safe, and looking great now and for years to come!


1. Have your fine jewelry cleaned and checked at least once a year! You love your jewelry, so wear it! Daily wear will happen to any piece of fine jewelry, our job as a professional jeweler is to check for worn or cracked metal which could lead to future problems. Example: Missing stones


2. Diamonds can break! Even though diamond is the hardest gemstone, a heavy blow at just the right angle can cause the stone to crack, cleave, or chip.


3. Salt water and fine jewelry don't mix! While salt water will not harm a diamond, it can certainly harm softer gemstones, and metals.


4. Take your jewelry off when cleaning with chemicals. Certain chemicals can damage precious metals, and softer gemstones.


5. When traveling either leave your jewelry at home, or in a hotel safe (which is different from a room safe). If wearing your jewels on a trip is a necessity, make sure that you have them insured before the trip.


6. Remove rings before swimming! Fingers constrict in cool water, which can cause rings to slide off. Not to mention, Chlorinated water can damage precious metals.


7. NEVER take jewelry off near a drain, vent, toilet, sink etc.


8. It's a good idea to take your jewelry off in the same place every time!


9. Pearls can be easily damaged by everyday toiletries ex: shampoo, lotions, perfumes etc.


10. Most burglaries occur in broad daylight. Always keep doors and windows locked during the day!


11. If you know that you hit, or snagged your jewelry have it inspected by a jewelry professional asap. It's not uncommon for a loose stone to fall out of it's setting after an impact.


12. Always take time to place jewelry in a secure place!


13. Diamonds can scratch other diamonds! When not wearing your diamond jewelry ensure that the pieces do not touch. A soft cloth can be a great barrier in a jewelry box.


14. One of the best ways to secure jewelry at home is in a safe.

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