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Pearls of Wisdom- Great tips and tricks to keeping your jewelry safe and looking great!

Posted: 08/28/18 04:23pm

 Pearls of Wisdom Here are great tips and tricks from Jewelers Mutual to keep your jewelry safe, and looking great now and for years to come! 1. Have your fine jewelry cleaned and checked at least once a year! You love your jewelry, so wear it! Daily wear will happen to any piece of fine jewelry, our job as a professional jeweler is...

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Lab Created Diamonds VS Real Diamonds – Facts You Need to Know

Posted: 05/17/18 09:41pm

If you’ve found this article online, then you may be one of the many consumers trying to learn more about lab grown diamonds.  There’s a ton of hype right now surrounding alternatives to natural or real diamonds.   Maybe you’re a self-proclaimed tree hugger, socially conscious or simply feel better about buying a product that raises...

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Grand Re-Opening Sale

Posted: 04/11/18 08:24am

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Creative Proposal Idea for Christmas 2017

Posted: 11/18/17 04:27pm

Once you have the engagement ring selected and purchased you then have the task of thinking about a memorable way to propose.  Proposals don't have to be elaborate or expensive to have significant meaning to the person you love.  This year Andrews Jewelers made adorable Christmas tree bulbs with the phrase....."Will You Marry Me?" printed...

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Andrews Jewelers Moving January 2018

Posted: 10/16/17 06:05pm

We're very excited about our soon to be completed building located at 4715 Transit Rd. on the corner of Sheridan Dr.  We've added a customer care area for expedited repair drop off & pick up, a specialized area for ring cleaning, a larger workshop, in-house gem lab, and lots more jewelry.  We've designed our new showroom around your s...

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Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017

Posted: 04/25/17 11:17am

Mother's day is a time to give thanks to all of the selfless mother's in our lives. With this holiday quickly approaching, we have complied a list of our favorite Mother's day gift ideas. Hand-crafted, and thoughtful pieces of jewelry are the perfect way for her to display your love. 1. Traditional Mothers Ring Mother's rings make beautiful cu...

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How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Posted: 04/10/17 03:41pm

Congratulations on your new engagement ring! It's such an exciting time, for you and your family. Once all of the hustle and bustle of your new engagement settles, you may think to yourself "how should I clean and care for my new ring?” Routine inspections and regular cleanings from a reputable jeweler can help ensure that your jewelry is in good c...

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Best Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Posted: 04/06/17 04:28pm

Getting engaged to be married typically involves some significant life changes. It's common for engaged couples to begin looking for a house together right away in anticipation of their new life together.  The process of buying a home for the first time could span as long as a 12 months from first laid plans to the closing table. To ready your...

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Verragio Engagement Rings

Posted: 02/23/17 12:42pm

Every love is unique, why shouldn’t your engagement ring be the same? It can be, and Andrews Jewelers is here to help you create the perfect symbol of your unique love. While there are many designers to choose from, Verragio offers a variety of collections sure to compliment your individual style and taste. Whether it be the Insignia, Parisian, Ven...

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How to Buy a Diamond Online

Posted: 12/12/16 10:51pm

There is a huge amount of information online about diamonds, engagement rings, and how to purchase one online or at your local retail jeweler.  While there is no right or wrong way to purchase a diamond, one that has received tremendous attention is the online purchase.  For some, the potential savings of an online purchase from internet...

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