Allure Diamonds

The world's finest cut loose diamonds in all the popular shapes including precision cut Hearts & Arrows Round Diamonds from our Allure Diamonds Collection.

What Allure Diamonds

Only the most brilliant, and beautiful diamonds can be named an Andrews Allure Diamond. These stones are meticulously crafted with ideal proportions, and certified by GIA. Each Allure diamond must have achieved an Excellent Ideal cut grade, along with excellent symmetry and polish.

These diamonds have been scanned by the Sarine light performance machine, and awarded the highest grade of Ultimate. The Allure Diamond stands apart from the rest due to its impeccable craftsmanship, and exquisite cut. They display a brilliance, and fire unlike any other diamond.

Why are Allure Different?

Allure Diamonds are The Perfect Love Story® - luxury diamonds created by Andrews Jewelers to be the most brilliant diamonds that our customers can buy. Every couple has a story uniquely their own, we believe that diamonds have unique stories too. Much like the creation of your relationship, a diamond goes through whimsical moments from the point of discovery, cutting, grading, to the day it’s carefully set atop a gorgeous ring.

Allure Diamonds are unique in many ways which is why Andrews Jewelers memorializes every Allure Diamond with The Perfect Love Story Book. Your Allure Diamond comes with a written account of the complete history of the diamond and how it came to be one of the most brilliant diamonds in the world!

Allure Diamonds are chosen for their amazing brilliance and optical properties, the single most important factor affecting a diamond’s beauty. Every Allure Diamond must receive the highest cut grade for proportions, symmetry, and polish by the Gemological Institute of America. It is these characteristics among others that help the diamond achieve the highest standard of brilliance possil/e.

Andrews Jewelers certifies the brilliance of your Allure Diamond with a Sarine Light™ Report, a scientific Light Performance measuring and grading method performed by an independent laboratory. In Fact, all Allure Diamonds must receive a light performance rating of “Ultimate” before it can be bestowed the Allure designation, this is the highest rating that Sarine gives a diamond based on its ability to sparkle.

Allure Comes With

  1. Proof of authenticity for natural and ethical origins
  2. GIA Certification
  3. The highest ratings possible for Proportions, Polish and Symmetry
  4. The Perfect Love Story® Book
  5. Sarine Light™ Report certifying highest brilliance standards in the world
  6. Hearts and Arrows designation
  7. Free Firescope hearts and arrows viewer

A beautifully crafted diamond makes a world of difference. Diamonds with the best color, and clarity but fashioned with poor cut, may not sparkle much. This is because strategically placed facets, with ideal proportions and finish maximize the optical properties of light. Most important of all, the quality of an Allure Diamond and the care unto which our master cutters place in its creation, makes it one of the most brilliant diamonds you can buy.

Square Diamond

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Conflict-Free Diamonds

Our diamonds are carefully chosen not only for their brilliance, but are responsibly sourced.

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